Our Offering

Private Sessions If you have a specific issue, or if you are recovering from an injury, we recommend that you do private sessions with one of our qualified instructors. This way your training is tailored to your specific issues and you can either work on rehabilitation or on strengthening specific areas.
Semi-Private Sessions If you would like to train with a buddy or a partner, we do semi-private sessions. Here you get the benefit of a private session, with a personalised program, but you are able to do it in a fun environment with someone else.
Group Classes We have a number of group classes, from early morning to late evening, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Our class sizes range from 4 to a maximum of 8 people.
Reformer Classes The studio currently has 4 reformers and if you choose to do a reformer class, you will be started, as with mat classes, at a beginner level. Once you are confident and able within that level, your program will be adjusted accordingly.
Seniors Classes As one’s body advance in years, certain changes occur within the skeletal, muscular and spinal system. To ensure that our clients’ Pilates training remain relevant to their needs, we ensure that the necessary amendments are made to accommodate this group of clients. It has been a fun and rewarding experience for clients and instructors alike.
Less Mobile Clients We have a lot of experience in assisting clients with restrictions. These restrictions include neck injuries, back injuries, severe obesity etc. We handle these restrictions with sensitivity and within a private environment to ensure optimal progress and minimum discomfort.
Pregnancy We’ve realised that the studio goes through fertile seasons… Sometimes there are no pregnant clients, but during some phases we have several! When there is a need, depending on everyone’s schedules, we start a pregnancy class. Alternatively, if there are only 1 or 2 clients pregnant at the time, they opt for privates or we structure a normal class to accommodate the pregnant client. We only proceed with an exercise program after careful consultation with the client’s health professional.
Accessories The studio has a full range of accessories to aid rehabilitation, but also to make classes more interesting or more challenging. This includes big balls, small balls, bands, magic circles/core toners, free weights, weighted balls, bolsters, foam rollers, D-Sebecs, neuro-transmitter mats, hand strengthening webs and much more.
Superhero Training No, you don’t have to be a superhero to do this. This is just our fun way of doing a bit more cardio-vascular work. From time to time we decide to do a course of six weeks of Cardio Pilates. Usually this happens during spring when people are a bit more energetic, but it is available on request for those eager to stay fit all year round!
Friendly Environment Apart from a place of exercise, The Pilates Studio is a place where many friendships have been formed and you will find it a friendly place – a happy haven away from the rush of life.
Experienced Instructors We have 5 instructors (including me, the owner, Christia Wollner) with a range of qualifications and many years of experience. We are able to challenge you if you need to be challenged and we are able to assist you if you are recovering from an injury. We will work with you and your health care team (surgeon, physiotherapist, chiropractor, and physician) to ensure that you have a safe and successful rehabilitation.
Efficient Systems I am from a project management background and have spent a lot of time ensuring that the systems for accounting and class booking are fool proof and efficient. This ensures that your Pilates training does not become another administrative headache, but it remains a pleasure for you!