The Basics:
We always start with the basics in Pilates. Before you start your classes you can either do the “Lite Starter Pack” (compulsory) or the “Full Starter Pack” (optional).


Service Fee
Lite Starter Pack R660.00
Full Starter Pack R1320.00
Mat classes 1x/week R470.00
Mat classes 2x/week R925.00
Mat classes 3x/week R1390.00
Reformer classes 1x/week R770.00
Reformer classes 2x/week R1550.00
1x mat & 1x ref week R1240.00
Semi-Private (2 people) R230.00
Private R330.00
Reformer Class R200.00
Mat Class R120.00
Kettlebell Class R120.00

What’s the catch?

No catch! Just remember to give us 24 hours’ notice otherwise you will forfeit your class (if you prepaid) or you will be invoiced (if you pay after).

If you want to discontinue Pilates, there is a notice period of one paid calendar month.

Fees will be updated annually, effective 1 March every year.